Monday, June 9, 2014

Here's the latest:
The prisoner exchange of Bowe Bergdahl for 5 Taliban insurgents imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay continues to draw controversy: Critics of the Prisoner Swap
Pope Francis and the presidents of Israel and Palestine--Christian, Jew and Muslim--joined together for a day of prayer and reflection at the Vatican: At the Vatican, Day of Prayer
And check out this amazing story, from my hometown, Pittsburgh: Killing a Patient to Save His Life

Op-Ed  columnist Nicholas Kristof, a personal favorite of mine, responds to the kidnapping of the Nigerian schoolgirls with this thoughtful piece about the value of education: What's So Scary About Smart Girls?

And here's something of local interest:
Revolutionary War Mystery
Check out this 2012 article about the whereabouts of the 256 bodies of soldiers of the First Maryland Regiment, whose heroic sacrifice during the Battle of Brooklyn in August 1776 allowed George Washington and rest of the army to escape the British onslaught. Perhaps the soldiers are buried under a vacant lot at 3rd Avenue and 8th Street...but builders would prefer to develop the land into high-end apartments, or maybe a school, rather than authorize an archeological dig. After all, this industrial warehouse-filled area of Brooklyn is rapidly gentrifying (care for a trip to Whole Foods? the only one in Brooklyn is now open for business at 3rd and 3rd). This ongoing issue brings modern progress and the preservation of our historical memory head to head. What is right? Whose interests should win?

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